The Author

Janik Pilet

University Professor, Scientist Doctor, Physicist general practitioner, co-founder of a university school for engineers, Janik Pilet does not have anything whimsical. He published many international scientific articles in the field of the spectroscopy of biological molecules. His inquiring attitude is wearied of none of the mysteries of nature nor of the human spirit. Impassioned by the study of the last developments of the physical theories as much as by the history of the pre-scientific, philosophical or religious human thought, he always sought to understand the motivations of the authors of the most mysterious ancient texts. He shows us in "King Solomon's Seal, lost and secret Key of the Holy Bible", a historical essay tinted with esotericism, sacred geometry and astrological symbolism, which is the fruit of his research and reflexions about the most hermetic texts in the Bible. He gives us in this work a surprisingly simple light about the development of these holy writings. Always in search for original approaches to topics at the border of several disciplines, his second book "God or The Philosopher's Stone of the Physicist" concerns the relations between the human conscience, the reality and the spirituality examined in the light of the philosophy and history of experimental sciences, including Alchemy.