The Witches of the Wind

On a sailboat at sea, when the wind is strong, you can hear first the whistling sound through the shrouds. But when the storm comes, the sea and the sky turn white. You come, without any sails, to lock yourselves in the cabin. The whisper then becomes a howl and then a gasp, finally turning into a horrible sneer. It is then that reason changes and the myth takes precedence over reality. A door opens to the fifth dimension, to a parallel universe whose laws challenge those familiar to us. There is no more up or down, neither before nor after, neither shadow nor light. Only remains the terrifying laugh of the witches of the wind.
For having heard them sometimes, I know that like Ulysses I will leave of new, fascinated by the song of the mermaids, by the song of the witches.
Of the Witches of the Wind.